Client Education an Integral Component of Treatment Success

Client Educational Tool on December 5th, 2010 No Comments

The MyoFinder app has seven distinct anatomical regions with anterior and posterior views of each region, so a total of 14 anatomical images that highlight the specific musculature of that region. There are 78 individual muscle overlays and 14 HD videos demonstrating basic stretching activities to help the client take an active role in their care, recovery or desire to improve their health and fitness level. Creating a team approach to the care and treatment of each client is the ultimate goal and will ensure the best possible results. Educated clients are able to be involved in treatment plan design which will assist the therapist in reaching the clients primary goals.  Information is knowledge and knowledge translates into confidence, so teach your clients as much as you can about their bodies because everyone has a musculoskeletal system.

Would love to hear other ideas on how to use this Mobile Muscle Mentor.

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