Cyriax Cross Fiber Friction

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I learned Cyriax Cross Fiber Friction in a Sports Massage course up in Seattle, WA back in 1990. My teacher at the time loved sports and sports massage. He taught us the exact treatment protocol outlined by James Cyriax minus the corticosteriod injection. Personally and professionally I think this is one of the most effective soft tissue techniques used by massage and manual therapists. The effects are immediate and no other technique creates the kind of muscular tension release and reduction of muscular pain. The only problem is that most therapists lack the physical strength and stamina to perform this technique through numerous layers of dense and fibrotic tissue. So the incorporation of this treatment protocol is seldom used, mainly because it is simply fatiguing and difficult for the average practitioner. One of the main features of this technique is knowing the fiber direction of the muscle or ligament that you intend to treat. This is just another example of where knowing your muscular anatomy is a critical aspect of effective technique application. An interesting finding published in the International Musculoskeletal Medicine journal Sept. 2010 Vol. 32 #3  - found the use of transverse friction superior to ultrasound for Supraspinatus Tendinopathy. It is unclear whether the methods used in this research study followed the Cyriax protocol.

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