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MyoQuiz™ is a fun, fast and interactive way to increase your ability to recognize and identify 78 individual muscles on the body. Half the battle in learning the details related to each muscle is knowing exactly where the muscle is located. Increase your confidence and break up your study routine with this visually rich & kinesthetic learning tool. Select the practice button and you can test your knowledge of one of the 7 regions – Head, Neck & Face, Shoulder & Arm, Forearm & Hand, Spine & Abdomen, Pelvis & Hip, Thigh & Knee, Leg & Foot. Successfully identify each muscle to move to the next rank, you can challenge your friends on facebook, post your score on the leader board or try to beat your own best time. MyoQuiz™ has 4 distinct levels that progressively become more difficult – Rookie, Novice, Master & Guru.

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