Palpatory Anatomy As A Stand Alone Component of Curriculum

Palpation Tips on November 18th, 2010 No Comments

How important is the skill of palpation in basic training programs for manual and massage therapy?? I believe that skilled palpation is the foundation and cornerstone for effective technique application and treatment outcomes. Knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is imperative when trying to accurately assess and work with common orthopedic and sports injuries. Interestingly enough, our educational institutions say that palpation is an important aspect of their training, yet very few programs have Stand Alone Courses dedicated to Palpation.  Most basic training programs blend palpation with various modalities or they have lecture classes dedicated to musculoskeletal anatomy with no hands on component. The continued overemphasis on assessment, technique and speciality modalities shadows the real importance of knowing your musculoskeletal anatomy. Everyone including instructors are looking for some cool new trick, the trick is knowing the condition/state of the tissue that you are trying to effect and how best to treat this condition. The most powerful assessment tool that hands-on practitioners have is palpation. We need to go back to the basics of knowing the human body through skilled and knowledgable touch. I sure wish that educational institutions would place more emphasis on Palpatory Anatomy skills, their graduates would be more successful in their respective disciplines if they did.

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